Need a cheap motorhome insurance policy? Or, want affordable insurance for a campervan? Then why not let multiple specialist insurance providers compete to find the best quotes, for you to compare?

Do I have to have motorhome insurance?

Unlike a caravan, which doesn't have an engine, a motorhome, or campervan, has to have a minimum of third party insurance to be legal. But then if you own one you wouldn't want to risk it being damaged or stolen anyway, would you?

What kind of motorhome can I insure?

Just like looking for cheap car insurance for a fairly rare car, by using the panel of insurers you can probably get insurance for most purpose built, or professionally converted, motorhomes and campervans that are street legal. However you must be licensed to drive them. DIY conversions are much more difficult to cover, however.

What kind of licence do I need to drive a motorhome?

Once a driver has passed a driving test a licence is issued that covers categories B, B1 and BE. This allows driving a vehicle with a Maximum Allowable Mass (in other words, a total weight, including fittings etc) of 3,500 kilograms. A trailer of the same maximum weight can also be attached.

Most modern recreational vehicles are built to comply with this weight limit but larger American ones may not, so it is important to bear this in mind when buying your motor home.

To drive a heavier vehicle, of up to 7,500 kilograms, a C1 category has to be added. Drivers who passed their tests before January 1997 got this as standard - but it expires at age 70 and can only be renewed after a medical test has been passed. To get this your GP needs to fill in a medical declaration for you, and you need to apply using form D4. Since this is not covered by the NHS a fee will be payable.

If you passed your test after January 1997 then you will need an additional driving test to drive a larger vehicle.

Can I insure a classic motorhome, or an American one?

Most likely, yes, you can. Many insurers avoid them but members of the panel can usually find competitive quotes.

Can a motorhome be covered for third party only risks?

Cover can normally be arranged for third party, third party fire and theft or comprehensive risks. Bear in mind though that third party cover can sometimes be even more expensive than comprehensive, even though it offers far lower benefits! This is because insurers have found that people who bought this type of cover in the past made more claims than the average, so they tend to be wary of applications of this type. If you are looking for the cheapest possible insurance you should get quotes for comprehensive cover too - it may offer better value for money, or even be cheaper, than third party only.

Are contents covered with these policies?

Most policies include contents but bear in mind that there may be exclusions. For instance, very valuable items may not be covered, and if you leave the vehicle unlocked the insurer may refuse to pay out on stolen items. If you do carry particularly expensive property, however, get in touch with the insurer and they may be able to include it in your policy.

Is European cover included?

It varies. Some insurers include it as standard, frequently third party only whilst outside the UK, and with some it is an optional extra. There are usually options for getting fully comprehensive cover as well as breakdown insurance for European travel. If you do travel in Europe, make sure that the length of time you are covered for is sufficient; delays such as breakdowns or ferry cancellations can really mess up your schedules!

How do I compare quotes?

Just fill in a quick, simple form and you will be sent quotations to compare!